november’s Maeven Box

This month’s Maeven Box will have you getting ready in style with new makeup methods and must-have items for your wedding day. A blush robe for getting ready the day-of, vow books for you and yours and an acrylic ring box are among our favorite items!



First things first, this gorgeous, silky smooth robe in a blush color made to match any wedding. It’s perfect for getting ready the day of, but it’s so cozy you’ll want to rock it long after your big day. This robe would look darling surrounded by your maidens in a variety of florals, or use it to relax on your honeymoon as you soak up all of the wedded bliss.



With this ring, I thee wed. This is a stunning way to display and photograph the rings on your wedding day. Add a beautiful touch by filling the bottom with flower petals, feathers or greenery from your wedding flowers. These extra touches can also be used to stabilize the rings. Very important to note: make sure you place the rings in a very forward-leaning angle. They won’t fit if you try to place them straight up.



No one wants to be holding a notecard (or worse) at the altar in their wedding dress! Use these vow books to capture your vows to each other in the most picture-perfect way, and they’ll become a special keepsake you can use to reflect back on the promises you’ve made. We suggest using a fine tip permanent marker to avoid any ink bleeds.


Vow-Writing Tips

When you’re ready to write your vows, start by scouring the internet for inspiration and pull out any tidbits you enjoy. Make sure you and your partner are using the same tone (romantic, funny, serious or a little bit of each?) and think about the flow. Will you switch off saying the same thing, take turns reading different paragraphs, or each write your own? Think about your relationship, what makes it so special and what you want for the future together, and write down a few promises. According to The Knot, it’s helpful to structure them into a 4-part outline: 1. Affirm your love, 2. Praise your partner, 3. Offer promises and 4. Close with a final vow. And of course, don’t forget to practice!


You know we love acrylic anything! This sign will help set a celebratory mood at the reception or any of the festivities leading up to the big day! You could even use it as a photo opp at an engagement or bachelorette party. Cheers!

Note: We also included an acrylic stand so you can put the sign wherever you please!



As if you weren’t already shinin’! We love this chic silver necklace because it’s versatile enough for any outfit or occasion. From bachelorette parties to wedding showers to honeymoonin’, you can pack light with this one.



Apply and blend foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer or highlighter for a flawless look. Just wet the sponge, squeeze out any excess water, dab a small amount of your makeup product and apply to your face with a soft bouncing or tapping motion. Here’s a video for more:


Until next month, ladies! xoxo

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